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We believe that every bride or groom deserves the very best quality of service regardless of their budget. it’s easy to be tempted by the £200 wedding service that promises everything but in reality, delivers nothing. We believe that all professional wedding photographers should deliver a service that is more than turn up, shoot and copy the photos onto a CD.

Our wedding packages consist of the following and will give you an idea of what you should be expecting regardless of who you choose to capture your biggest day.

Pre Wedding Consultation with Bride & Groom – this helps both parties draw up a list of people they need photographing (we hate it when people get missed) Time table of the day, who needs to be where and when.

Exchange contracts - every wedding should have a photo contract including payment details, term & conditions and what insurance the professional has. (we have full professional indemnity insurance that covers the couple should anything go wrong with the photos, very rare, but you must be covered)

Venue Visit – We visit the venue and speak to the organisers regardless of how many weddings we have photo’d in the past. Your wedding is different and our customers demand different things.

Wedding Day – We will be early for your big day fully prepared and ready to go. We will take our time to ensure that all the photos you need have been taken. We don’t make promises of 300 photos or 500 photos. We take photos until we know you will be happy with the results having spoken in depth at your consultation. We carry as a minimum 2 sets of professional equipment in case anything goes wrong. We only use Nikon D800 full frame 36.3m pixel cameras that are designed and built for pro use. We also provide an assistant (usually female) to help with the posing of the bride and any adjustments to her dress if needed (it just makes everybody a bit more comfortable)

Photo Editing – Depending on the number of photos taken, we could spend 30-40hrs tweaking your photos to the highest possible standard. Sometimes the weather is a bit dull and overcast and this can influence the quality of the photos. We take a natural approach to editing and avoid the over edited photos you see by those that don’t know what they’re doing.

Post Wedding Consultation – We return to visit the Bride and Groom to choose the photos. We do not believe that producing photos on a CD is the right thing to do. We only produce prints, deluxe albums or beautiful print & usb boxes. We use an award-winning photo lab that we have worked with for several years and we trust them to take the best care of your photos. We don’t skimp here and usually spend about £100 of your budget here because we want you to be happy and proud of your wedding photos.

Photo Order & Delivery – We will use our secure server to upload your photos to our friends at the photo lab. This ensures that we use the best quality & highest image resolution we can. Once returned to us, we will look at every photo again to make sure that we are happy. We will then personally deliver your photos at a time that suits you.

In addition to the above we can offer much more: including a special page on our website just for you and your guests. Evening event photography with onsite printing for you and your guests. You can see why we think that £200 for your photos is too cheap and that those claiming to be professionals offering such a service are cutting corners on your big day.

Our Wedding Package is just £500

The pack includes 

Pre Wedding Consultation & Photo Shoot at the Wedding Venue

Photos from 'Getting ready' to 'First Dance'

Private Page on our Website for you to share your photos with absent friends

A choice of deluxe wedding album or Luxury USB Photo Pack